Saturday, August 23, 2014

 I find that I really enjoy creating thematic/skeuomorphic UI/UX as well as working on Icons and type treatments. Mimicking and replicating those in which we found to be physical at one point. As a Teen I would hoard WinAmp skins in a windows folder before Pintrest. These days I Just really enjoy design and layout composition. I pride myself in how color, scale and form visually communicates to the user and allows for a more intuitive experience. How it's done is where the real magic happens.

 As a leader, I’m passionate about continuity and process, but mostly I’m just happy making art. I’ve been a generalist most of my career.  Majority of my experience is in the slot gaming industry with a proportion of it also being in casual games. As an Art Director, I pride myself in knowing that I can lead my team with vetted experience and know how.